Restorative Dental Care


Restorative Dental Care 

A beautiful smile first begins with developing good-standing dental health. At Ponte Vedra Premier Dental, our practice is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal oral health.

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Improving Smiles across St. Johns County

Your smile’s esthetic is greatly influenced by whether dental issues are present. A smile plagued by decay, missing teeth, and other damage may function poorly and does not help you achieve any cosmetic goals you may have. Our practice provides restorations to restore and maintain a well-performing set of teeth able to withstand daily wear and tear. Our restorations are created with the patient’s esthetic in mind, keeping a keen eye towards balancing restorations with natural teeth. Our dental practice offers the following restorative services in Ponte Vedra:

Fillings repair the structure of a tooth affected by a cavity. We utilize white-colored fillings to match the color of natural teeth, leaving patients with a greater esthetic while remaining durable for everyday use.

Periodontal maintenance may be necessary when gingivitis is present. This procedure removes tartar buildup from below the gum line and allows the gums to reattach themselves to teeth.

Ceramic crowns protect a damaged or treated tooth and restore its outer structure.

Porcelain bridges replace missing teeth or gaps in the smile using a prosthetic that’s made to look like a row of natural teeth.

Full and partial dentures provide patients with a full smile by replacing an entire arch. Patients with several missing teeth receive restored function and appearance.

Root canal therapy may be necessary to remove decay that has reached the inside of the tooth. This procedure is necessary to save a tooth from requiring an extraction and preserve the tooth’s root.

Dental implants replace entire teeth from root to crown. This procedure places an implant posts into the jaw to provide support for both surrounding structure and a replacement prosthesis. Implants can be used to replace one tooth, a row of teeth, or up to an entire arch.

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Healthy Smiles

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